Saturday, May 14

the week

I got all caught up with my vegetable garden last week. Everything that is supposed to be planted is now planted. Whew! Of course, there will be more to do in the coming weeks but it feels good to be caught up. I have plenty of other things to do outside, too. First up will be weeding.

Yesterday was Jake's 11th birthday (Happy Birthday to Jake!), so we went out for dinner at Rey Azteca to celebrate. Jake's friend and his friend's mom joined us for dinner. The food there is really good and I still can't believe how cheap it is. As crowded as that place always is, you'd think they'd raise their prices.

This afternoon, we're making a trip to Toys R Us so Jake can spend all of his birthday money (which, evidently, is burning a hole in his pocket). And, tonight is Family Movie Night. So, the fun continues...

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