Sunday, May 22

painting & drinking

Yesterday, we spent a good bit of time at the office and started painting the outside. We got most of the rear wall done and all of the one side (with the exception of a few small areas that need to be cut in). It looks great. My only concern is the weather forecast--I'm not sure when we will be able to finish up. We need probably 3-4 hours to do the other wall. If we have any nice days this week, we'll go and do some of the areas we skipped. After everything is done, we have to go back and paint the trim, but that will be easy in comparison. Boy did this make us tired--we're used to sitting on our butts all day, not doing actual work. Even after a nap yesterday and a decent night's sleep, I woke up tired this morning.

Last night, we had another couple over for drinks, appetizers, and conversation. It was a nice evening to spend on the patio. I think we're going to be doing more entertaining like this and less "dinner" entertaining and see how that goes--it's so much less work, but with the same results.

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