Sunday, April 24

water, water, everywhere

It has been raining like every day this month. I haven't been able to plant anything for a couple of weeks (and given all of the rain, the potatoes and onions are probably rotting in the ground). Nor have I gotten much done outside. Everything's so wet. Ugh. It's not just me, the farmers haven't planted yet either according to an article in the local paper.

I'm assuming that the weather will turn around at some point, so I'm moving forward wherever I can. One of my friends sent me a variety of tomato seeds (and also some gherkin seeds--I've never planted those before) this week so I planted all of them last night, with the assumption that I will be able to garden by the end of May.

NOAA weather is again calling for rain every day this week until Friday, on which it will be 58 degrees. Great.

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