Thursday, April 28

too much rain

I mean, seriously. Besides having an effect on my gardening schedule, this rain has been affecting other parts of my life as well. For one thing, we haven't been able to get the motorcycles out of the shed. Due to this, we haven't been able to get the lawnmowers out of the shed. We got the bikes out yesterday so the grass has finally been cut. Good thing, too, because it was only about 10 inches high. I've needed to access some other stuff in the shed, but the bikes were in the way of that, too. I guess I'm good to go now, but I feel like I'm so far behind because I haven't been able to work outside much this spring. Jake's family birthday party is next weekend, so I need to get ready for that. We like to do a cookout, but the weather rarely cooperates. Just in case, I need to be prepared for it.

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