Thursday, February 17

winter thaw

I hate to call spring already, but things are definitely thawing out (and I saw a bunch of motorcycles out today--a surer sign of spring than robins).

I was outside doing my post-winter dog area cleanup (ugh). While outside, I took a look around the yard. The blueberries were eaten by something again this year. Damnit! I tried covering them up the past couple of years. While that mitigated the eating of the branches somewhat, the bushes all got crushed under the snow last year. So, I left them uncovered this year but now they are chewed down to nibs. I'm never going to get any blueberries. And, that reminds me--I forgot to look at the raspberries. I wonder if they're still there.

On a positive note, I saw at least three fish swimming around in the pond. It always surprises me to see that they survived the winter. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's happened more than once, but I still am.

And the garlic is starting to show itself in the garden. Nothing like kicking off the gardening season with something growing in the garden in February.

It's almost time to start digging in the dirt again, which will mean more posts for this blog.

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