Friday, January 14

router flu

Brian's mom was having some issues with her pc the other week, so I took a look at it. There were some problems with the configuration of her virus scanner, which I fixed. The computer was working fine on our network, but when she tried to use it at home, the internet connection kept dropping. She ended up having to get a new router, which I installed on Sunday when we were there for my father-in-law's birthday.

The previous week, our internet connection kept dropping at the office. I contacted the cable company and they said that our modem had been connected to them all week so the problem must be elsewhere. So, I also ordered a new router, which I installed this week. There must be something going around besides this cold Jake gave to me and Brian.

Everything at the office was working ok at first, then our connection started dropping again. This time, the internet light on the cable modem was out. A reboot fixed the problem, but I had to do that a number of times. I'm hoping the issue was somehow related to the weather because it didn't happen again today. Otherwise, I'll be buying a new modem next week. I hate hardware problems, because you just never know if the issue is with the hardware or something else.


JM said...

I ASSURE you it's the hardware... not the software.

mph said...

It's spreading. Not kidding.