Thursday, January 27

new venture

Last year, I got this idea in my head that I wanted to start my own business. Obviously, there were some parameters to this since I already have a job. So, that led me to the idea of an online store. I kicked around the dog treat idea, but realized that I didn't want to have to make dog treats every time someone placed an order, so that was out. Plus, there are a lot of places already making dog treats.

I was perusing a catalog I received in the mail and saw some wine bottle glasses. I had seen them before, but that got me to thinking that they would be fun to make. Then I started thinking about all of the other cool drinking-related items that could be made and thus started my new company.

Over Christmas break, I wrote up my business plan and now I'm in production mode. The first couple of months of this year, I'm going to be making stuff for the store (Brian's going to help with the wood projects I have planned). My first project was some whiskey scented candles (in mason jelly jars, of course). I made those last weekend. I have a couple of projects scheduled each month and then my store will launch in June. I'm pretty excited about this. Brian has already designed my logo and the website, so things are moving along on all fronts.

Given my penchant for making things, this store will be a perfect fit. And, the idea behind it is that the merchandise will be made in limited quantities, so I won't be stuck making the same things time after time.

Stay tuned for updates...


Alienlady said...

Good luck with this! I wish you much success!

Angela said...

Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with this.