christmas: day 1

Whether I was ready or not, Christmas started today. I spent the week (and most of today) getting ready. And, I made it–just in time.

Brian’s parents and his grandmother celebrated Christmas Eve with us. We met at our church for the 4:30pm children’s service. Our church started this service a couple of years ago and it’s really nice. Plus, there’s only a “children’s sermon” so it’s not as long as the main service at our church (at 7:30pm).

After church we all headed to our house for dinner. I made stuffed shells and a caesers salad. I prepared everything this morning. When we came home from church, I got the shells out of the fridge to put into the oven and knocked the salad dressing onto the floor. Of course, it was in a glass bowl and made a complete mess. So, I got to make that again, but no big deal. We had bread, too, but it was bought and not homemade. So, it was a pretty easy meal. But, given the hour we had to go to church, there wasn’t time to make something more involved.

Whenever we have company, it is always a challenge to manage the three dogs. Buster was surprisingly not too bad this evening. I think he has turned a corner. It must be the magic of “3”, which he turned earlier this month. Lizzy and Alice were their usual selves (Lizzy being overly energetic and Alice being unobtrusive). So that worked out pretty well.

After opening presents and eating some cookies, the night came to an end. Brian and Jake still had to wrap presents, so they did that while I finished cleaning up. Now, everyone’s relaxing until it’s time to hit the sack.