Tuesday, October 12


What's that spell?

After dinner, our doorbell rang. It was the neighbor catty-corner to our house in the back. He stopped to inform us that he doesn't want Jacob walking through his yard anymore. You see, Jake's best neighborhood friends live in the house directly behind ours, but our yards are divided by a row of hedges, so the kids cut through the neighbor's yard rather than walking the whole way around the block in order to get to each other's houses. And when I say they "cut through his yard", they are walking on the very outer corner of the property.

Unfortunately, our neighbors in the back have been talking about cutting down the hedges, which are on their property, so I'm afraid this is just going to add more fuel to the fire. I am not in favor of cutting down the hedges. While I like these particular neighbors, I don't have a need to see what they are doing in their back yard every time I'm outside.

I'm still on board with moving in case you were wondering. We wouldn't have these problems on "the farm".


The Writers Blog said...

no, you'd have different problems

Angela said...

Is that you, Mr. Wright?