Thursday, October 7

another house

A couple of weeks ago, we went to look at another house. Well, we didn't have an appointment with a realtor, so I guess you could call it "trespassing". We just walked around the property and peeked in the windows. This place had a lot of acres, but they weren't as usable as the first place we looked at. Of course, this place cost half as much so I guess you can't say too much about that. The house was in pretty bad shape, though. It needs a lot of work. And, the house isn't much bigger than our current one, so that's another minus (I would like something at least slightly larger).

One thing I've noticed is that there are quite a lot of really nice houses for sale at great prices (thanks to the crappy real estate market). However, none meet all of our requirements and I'm beginning to wonder if any ever will.

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