Monday, October 4

alice update

I took Alice to see the vet this morning for her nose issue. The doctor wasn't sure what was wrong--it could be a number of things. My options were to treat her for the most likely issue (discoid lupus) or to have a biopsy done (for which she would need to be anesthetized). I opted for the treatment because it was the same diagnosis I came up with (yay, internet) and it was the simpler of the two options. So, she's on vitamin B and antibiotics. It will take a few months to determine if the pills are working. If they are, she will need to continue with them for the rest of her life. If they are not, she will need to undergo the biopsy.

It's official--all of our dogs are now on pills. Lizzy's currently on vitamins, glucosamine, and steroids (the steroids will be ending shortly, but the other two will remain) and Buster's on his crazy pills (and I don't think he's going to stop taking those any time soon). I think I'm going to have to get a second job to pay for all of this.

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