Monday, September 6

full freezer

Despite it being a busy weekend, I still managed to do some gardening-related stuff. Today was the only evening I got to spend outside, though. Unfortunately, it was spent weeding (I did a lot of weeding this year). While I hate weeding, I have to say, the yard looks pretty good when it is weeded.

Since last weekend, I have frozen a few bags of basil. I'm close to having enough for the winter, but I might freeze another bunch or two if I have time. I also made some oven-dried tomatoes over the weekend. (and that got me thinking about making a batch Alton Brown's tomato sauce. maybe next week...) And, today, I packaged and froze the sauerkraut that I started a month ago--over 8 quart-sized bags. This is definitely the most vegetable-related matter I've had in the freezer. It should be a good winter, eating-wise.

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