Sunday, September 26


Jake and Brian went to a Penn State game yesterday, so I had plans to get a lot done. And, I did. Besides doing ten loads of laundry, I also replaced the shower curtain rod, put a coat of finish on some grates Brian made for the living room, dusted our bedroom, did some yardwork, and even exercised. Also, I took a nap in the middle of it all.

Today was pretty busy as well. This morning, I put another coat of finish on the grates and then in the afternoon, Brian and I stained the shed and playhouse. I figured we were safe to do that because the hourly forecast wasn't calling for rain until 3am Monday. But, of course, it's raining right now. I hope it doesn't mess it up--it was supposed to have 5 hours drying time. Damn weathermen. After supper, I even managed to scrub the bathroom floor. But, now it's time for some relaxation before it's time for bed.

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