Thursday, August 26

vegan dog

I picked up my CSA veggies after work today. As I was putting away the vegetables, I accidentally dropped a grape tomato on the floor. Buster scarfed it up. I put the tomatoes on the counter and continued to put away the rest of the vegetables. No sooner did I get finished and Buster was counter-surfing for more tomatoes. He got a few.

I put a cantaloupe on the counter because the fridge was out of room. I was grilling lamb chops for supper and was coming up the steps after checking on them when I heard a thump. I didn't think much of it because I often hear thumps to no ill effect. However, I got upstairs to see Buster chowing down on the cantaloupe. It was beyond salvation--he had a good chunk eaten from it and there were puncture marks all over it.

He really was on a roll this evening. He also ate some corn husks and some melon rind (which he stole as I was chopping up another cantaloupe I had in the fridge). And, he made a valiant effort to steal our corncobs as we were clearing the dinner plates.

I think next year I'll just get Buster his own membership to the CSA.

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Lori :-) said...

Our guys love veggies too! Corn on the cob is a definite favorite, we usually leave a couple rows on the cobs when have it for dinner and let them chew them off as we hold them. And baby carrots. They love watermelon too! Though I have never given them the rinds, they have tried to steal them a few times.