Monday, August 23

the lazy weekend

I guess in theory, I did a lot this weekend--laundry, a trip to Costco, dinner at my parents, etc., but I was definitely feeling lazy. After our Costco trip, I couldn't bring myself to do anything else around the house. I think the trip set me up for failure--after we took the Costco exit, traffic came to a halt. Apparently there was construction further down the road and it took us an hour to get to Costco from the exit (it usually takes 5-10 minutes). I hate traffic.

On Sunday, we went to my parent's house for the annual birthday dinner for my mom, dad, and grandmother. I started watching my calories a week ago, but I don't count them one day a week, and yesterday was it for me (I wasn't about to miss out on any of the great food and wine). For whatever reason, I didn't feel like doing anything last night either. So, I didn't. It's so rare that I sit around and do nothing that I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to do that one weekend out of the year.

Today, though, reality hit. Since it was raining, I couldn't do anything outside--not that I don't have plenty to do inside. I had to tackle the most pressing tasks first. First, I picked a bunch of peppers (I had quite the harvest). Next, I froze the avocados I bought at Costco. Then, I made a batch of marinara with the 10 pounds of tomatoes I had sitting in the kitchen since last week (I was supposed to do this over the weekend). All in all, a productive evening. Let's hope the rest of the week follows suit.

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