Saturday, August 7

for the freezer

I'm trying to put more things in the freezer this year than in past years. Today, I made up a batch of cooked salsa. Actually, I did a double batch but still only got 3 jam jars' worth. It's not like we eat that much salsa, but I was expecting a little more--that stuff really cooks down!

Today was also sauerkraut day. Volume-wise, this is the most I've ever made, so it will surely last until next season. Two of the heads of cabbage, I picked today. I'm not sure if that's what made the difference, but I noticed that this year's sauerkraut was a lot juicier than the two batches I made last year. Since it looks like I'm committed to sauerkraut-making, I should probably look into one of those cabbage grater thingys. In the past I always cut it by hand, but it's hard to get it thin enough doing it that way. I tried using the food processor today, but the slicing blade made the pieces too big and the shredding blade made them too small. Plus it was a pain cutting small enough pieces that the food processor intake could handle, anyway.

A future goal of mine is to can stuff (like salsa and sauerkraut, for example). However, we don't really have a place to store a bunch of jars in our house so I'll stick to freezing for now (I have a large freezer dedicated to such things). But, it would be nice...

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