Monday, July 5

new path

The guys put in a new garden path for me this evening. It's a little rough at this point, but we went with the quick method of turning over the sod and laying the rocks on top of it. So, it still needs filled in and whatnot, but I'm going to wait for some rain before messing with it further. Some rocks will surely need reset after everything settles. I did this same method with my checkerboard herb garden and it turned out just fine, so I'm sure this will too.

I have one other path planned, to complete the path around my vegetable garden (one of the 3 sides is currently done, the fourth side is the driveway). Today's path didn't look like it put a dent in the rock pile, so I'm thinking we might end up with some extra rocks till all is said and done. So, I've started making contingency plans in case that happens. But, at least we won't need any additional rocks.

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