Monday, July 5

the fourth weekend

We had a pretty good weekend again (this makes three in a row). We kicked it off by having Judy over Friday night for drinks and snacks. I learned an important thing that night--I like beer. But, not just any beer, raspberry lambic. It was so good. She brought over four different flavored lambics (the raspberry was my favorite). I had never had a lambic beer before. The next time I go to Southside Saloon I'll have to order one, rather than my usual vodka on the rocks.

On Saturday, we went to a 4th of July picnic at my cousin's in Portage. It was a good time. There were quite a few people there. They had a bouncy for the kids and that really went over well--it was a good way to keep them busy all afternoon.

Sunday was family day. We went on a nice motorcycle ride to Ligonier and back and then stopped at Papa John's for a pizza. We were hoping to go to Pizza Man's Pizza for supper, but they were closed, so we had to settle for take out. Later that night, Jake and Brian put on a fireworks show. It's surprising how long it takes to go through $30 worth of fireworks (small stuff, of course).

While today was spent catching up around the house, it was nice to have a day off in which to do just that.

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