Monday, June 28


We kicked off Thunder in the Valley by going to see Mini Kiss on Thursday night. They pretty much sucked, but I guess it's the novelty of the thing that's supposed to get you--Brian loved it. There were so many people packed into Central Park--I could not believe how many people were there.

Friday, we took the afternoon off of work. While we usually go downtown to walk around, this year we took a different approach and just rode our bikes around the area (including downtown). It's kind of neat seeing all of the bikers riding around.

We had to go to a 40th birthday party for one of our friends on Saturday afternoon so we took the bikes for that. We dropped Jake off at my grandmother's in Windber and then went to the party in Westmont. I was hoping to check out the activities in Windber, but we just didn't have time this year.

After the party the three of us went downtown to walk around. I don't know why, but I really enjoy walking around down there at night.

It seemed like they had a pretty good crowd this year. I'm not sure how they guesstimate how many people attended, but it seemed at least as big as last year, if not bigger.

That's two fun weekends in a row and a holiday weekend coming up for a third!

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