Friday, June 4

more pics

This is a picture of the "other side" of the house. There's no yard here, as the driveway, which we share with the neighbor, takes up this side of the property. The greenery shown here is a myrtle patch (complete with a photobomb). In retrospect, I kind of wish I would have put my herb garden here as the side door leads to my kitchen and I often find myself having to go to the herb garden while cooking dinner. I found out this year that if I let the weeds go long enough in the myrtle patch, they are actually easier to deal with. Go figure.

Here is a picture of my vegetable garden. This reminds me that I forgot to take pictures of my tomato plants (the ones with the "wall-o-waters" versus the ones without). By the way, the WOW tomatoes are doing spectacularly. It also reminds me that I haven't filled in the dirt between the rocks in my garden path. It was washed out by the storm a few weeks ago.

This is a picture of my herb garden (the one I wish was off of the kitchen entrance). This area is in flux at the moment. We mulched it for the first time this year (without removing the grass from the area). The grass (and weeds) quickly started sprouting through the mulch, so I laid down some cherry sawdust (from Brian's shop). This has helped quite a bit, but I only had enough sawdust for half the area, so that's why it looks like it does. It's hard to see, but in the lower left corner, my orchard can be found--1 each of cherry, peach, and apple trees. Running along the left side (against the hedges) are the raspberry bushes. and along the back side (the fence) are the blueberry bushes).

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