Saturday, May 29

strawberry wine

We made one of our three to four yearly trips to Costco today. So, now we're stocked up at both home and the office. I love Costco--I only wish there was one closer.

I've been wanting to make strawberry wine, so I figured this would be a good time to buy the strawberries since I needed so many (16 pounds). Unfortunately, I can't make the wine until Tuesday because I don't have the other supplies that I need and I won't be able to get them until then. I wanted to buy the supplies last weekend, but I could not find my wine-making book that contains the strawberry wine recipe. However, Amazon came to the rescue--I found the book on there today, and thanks to their "Look Inside" option, I was able to find the recipe I was looking for. That was convenient, though I'd still like to locate my lost book.

I haven't made strawberry wine for a couple of years so I'm really looking forward to making this batch of wine.

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