Sunday, May 23

the patio's open!

I spent all afternoon (like 4-5 hours) getting the patio ready for summer. First, I edged it, and then I power washed it. It took forever to power wash, but it looks great. I also gave the furniture a once-over and got the cushions and table umbrella out of the shed.

I received a new bistro set for Mother's Day/my birthday. Initially, I was going to put it in yard near the pond. But I convinced Brian to throw away our old picnic table and the patio was looking a little bare, so I ended up putting the new table and chairs on the right end of the patio, also near the pond. We even broke it in this evening, by having supper on it.

For once, I feel like I'm ahead of the game as far as getting stuff done outside. I've been spending every spare moment outside, so I guess that is paying off.

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