Monday, May 17


It was nonstop action over the weekend. Friday started off leisurely enough as I took the day off. After the crappy weather of last week, I was itching to get back outside and knew the weekend wasn't going to have a ton of opportunities for that.

Friday evening, we went out to dinner at Rizzo's to celebrate my great aunt's 83rd birthday. Dinner was great--the more I go to that restaurant, the more I like it. I mean, I've been going there my whole life, but I appreciate the restaurant more as time goes on.

Saturday and Sunday were busy around the house, though we did have some fun as well. Brian and I spent a number of hours in the shop planing cherry for use in our living room and dining room trim. We also went on a couple of short bike trips. I got to work outside a little bit. And, I did a little "extra" cooking (i.e. made homemade soup on Saturday and a blueberry buckle on Sunday) And the rest of the time was filled with weekend chores such as doing laundry, going grocery shopping and doing some work on the office. Fun stuff!

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