Saturday, May 22


We had a golf outing planned with Judy today--mini golf and ice cream at the Meadows--but the weather did not cooperate (which seems to be a recurring theme for the year so far) so we ended up at Glow Golf at the Galleria instead. It was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I played miniature golf indoors. Plus, I won, so that made the afternoon even better. I owed that to Judy after she kicked my ass at air hockey a few years ago. After golf, we caught some pre-dinner ice cream at Little Sprinkles in Geistown.

While we were out, we stopped at Ollie's and bought two air conditioning units for the office, so now we have one for each room in the building. I can't wait to get our electric bill this summer.

I made supper on the grill, in the pouring rain. We had Delmonico steaks, corn on the cob, and grilled mushrooms. Yum!

Now, I'm gearing up for Movie and a Margarita Night.

So, despite the weather, this has been a great day.

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