Sunday, April 25

tea party

I went to a tea party today--not the kind with the right-wing wackos (though there's a good chance some of those people were in attendance), but an actual tea party. Each year, the Portage Historical Society puts on a tea party. Since my mom is involved, I try to go. This year I took my friend Carol so I had someone to talk to (my mom is one of the servers at the tea party, so she doesn't get to sit and relax). It was nice to catch up with Carol this afternoon and the tea party was nice as well.

What wasn't nice was the ride home. It started to rain, but by the time I got to route 56 it was an absolute downpour (complete with hail). I wasn't sure whether to pull over or keep going. I kept going, figuring that might be the safer option. I have never driven through rain like that before. Good thing I wasn't on my new motorcycle (more on that later today).

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