Sunday, April 25

new bike

So, I've been wanting to get a new bike. I had my heart set on a Triumph America for a few years now, but Triumph went and changed the design of them last year and I just wasn't into it. But, I do really like Triumphs and since the America was just another version of the Bonneville, I figured they were probably worth looking into. The problem with the Bonneville was that I just did not like the seat that was on them. I know they are a retro bike, but the seat was just a little too retro for me. But after looking into other seating options, I found a solo seat with luggage rack, which was exactly what I wanted (as shown above).

So, we went to the dealership last weekend and I fell in love with one of the Bonnevilles. We decided to go for it, so I secured a loan this week. We intended on going there on Saturday to purchase the bike, but, on a whim, decided to go there late Friday afternoon. And, it was a good thing we did--when we got there, some guy was sitting on MY bike! But, since we had a check in hand, we won out. However, I hate to think what might have happened if we waited another day.

That said, my old bike is now for sale. Details are here.

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