Saturday, April 17

lights out

That was the theme of the past day. It all started when a storm blew through town at the end of the work day yesterday. We closed the office a little early because our power was out. Little did we know the extent of the damage--there was a path of trees and limbs on the road the whole drive home. And, when I got home, there was also no power.

Yesterday evening, Brian had to run to his parents to help them out with something. So, Jake and I sat on the couch and played games by candlelight most of the evening. Surely, I kept thinking, the power would be back on soon.

We went to bed and I woke up numerous times only to find that the power was not back on. This morning, we decided to run to Home Depot to grab a generator--I have way too much food in the freezer (side of beef, half a hog, Costco loot) to be fooling around with no electricity. I've actually been wanting to get a generator anyway, just in case this sort of thing happened, so now seemed like the perfect time. Brian and Jake assembled the generator and got it started while I pitched out most of the stuff in our kitchen fridge. Luckily the basement freezer was packed, so it was still below freezing in there and nothing was lost.

The power was off for a total of 26 hours. The funny thing is that we hardly ever used to get blackouts up here. Most power issues we experienced were brownouts, with an occasional blackout thrown in, but all were short in duration. But, last year we had a blackout that lasted about 12 hours and this year we had the 26 hour one. If this is a trend, I'm really glad we bought the generator.

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