Wednesday, March 3

spring is in the air

Despite all of the snow, I'm looking forward to the upcoming gardening season. Today, I mailed my order for the Cambria County Conservation District's annual plant sale. Over the winter, I read a great article about high density plantings and realized that I, too, can grow fruit in my back yard. So, I ordered cherry, apple, and peach trees. It should be interesting--a whole new subject to research! I also ordered raspberries. I just love red raspberries, so I figured I'd give those a try, too. And, I ordered some general landscaping items to round out the list.

While I haven't checked my schedule, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to start planting peppers soon. Figuring out this year's planting schedule is on my list of tasks for the weekend.

So, the snow better melt soon, because I'm ready to garden!

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