Sunday, February 7

the weekend has been canceled

Well, not entirely. Our Superbowl shindig is still on tonight. Only our families are coming over, so I'm sure they will make it. Even if they don't, there's still going to be a party. New Orleans-themed food--you can't beat it!

However, the rest of the weekend was pretty much a bust. We had plans for a Chiefs game Friday night, but we didn't feel like braving the weather, so we stayed home. We didn't buy tickets ahead of time, so it was no big deal, but Jake was disappointed to miss the game. We've rescheduled for later in the month, so he'll still get to go to at least one game this season.

And, yesterday was supposed to be Jake's blue and gold banquet for the cub scouts, but it, too, got canceled due to weather. I guess that will be getting rescheduled, too, but no word on that yet.

Time to get back to cooking--I need to wrap up as much as possible this morning so I can grab some beauty rest this afternoon. Them Crooked Vultures were on SNL last night and I stayed up past my bedtime in order to watch, so I'm beat this morning (thanks to Buster getting me up at 7:30AM).

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