Saturday, December 19

more fall tv

I heard some good things about The Middle so I started watching it and now everyone in our house really likes it. Good show. ABC really has quite a Wednesday night line-up. If they could only figure out the 8:00 slot they'd be golden. Wednesday has replaced Thursday as my favorite tv-watching night. In the past few years, there haven't been a lot of new sitcoms. And the ones that have come out haven't been very good, so what a nice surprise to find three new shows that I love this season (The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town).

I'm also in the midst of watching the first season of True Blood. I heard all of the hype surrounding it when it first aired, but I held off until I was sure it was something I was going to like. Though the fact that Alan Ball (producer of Six Feet Under--one of my all-time favorite shows) was producing didn't hurt matters. Finally, I succumbed and now I'm obsessed with vampires. What a great show!

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