Monday, December 14

jingle bells

I'm not quite ready for Christmas, but almost. I hit a number of milestones today. For one, I put the last of the Christmas cards in the mailbox this morning. I used to actually go to the post office and mail them, can you believe that? Now, I put a bunch out each day until they are gone. It works just as well, but without the trip to the post office.

I also finished baking tonight. I only did three batches of cookies this year, much like I have been doing the past few years. That number seems to work out well, though I'm still usually sick of cookies until all is said and done. I did five batches of dog treats again, too, but if you ask the dogs, it's not enough!

Over the weekend, we decorated the house (inside and out) and put up the tree. We even did a small tree at the office this year. Here I am wishing I didn't have to decorate at the house and I end up having to decorate at the office, too. At least we have an employee to help!

I still have to wrap the gifts. Normally I would have this done by now. In previous years, we would send Jake to the grandparent's at the beginning of the month and Brian and I would spend an evening wrapping gifts. That didn't quite work out this year, though. But since Jake figured out the Santa thing, we don't have to be as stealth about it either. So, I'll probably just wrap stuff as I have time. With eleven days to go, I'm sure I won't have any problems completing this final task.

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