Saturday, December 26

the 4th day of xmas

I didn't tell the story of the bike that Jake got for Christmas this year and there's no better time than the present...

We bought Jake a new BMX bike sometime last month. We stored it in the office basement so it would be out of sight. On the 23rd, Brian started the assembly only to find out the front forks were bent, so he took the bike back to Toys R Us and exchanged it for another one and put it together that same night. Everything looked ok, but on Christmas morning, Jake noticed that one of the spokes on the rear wheel wasn't connected. After determining that the wheel would have to be taken off (and this was the rear wheel which would have been a big pain in the neck) and the tire removed in order to fix the spoke, not to mention the fact that the part we needed was missing, Brian had to take this bike back to the store, too. This was a little disappointing for Jake, but it wasn't like he could have used the bike yesterday anyway. Long story short, they gave Brian the display model (he wasn't about to assemble the bike for the 3rd time or go back to the store due again due to missing or broken parts) and Jake now has a new bike, which he did get to try out today.

The funny thing is that I was looking at bikes online, which is where I like to do my shopping, and all of the reviews were bad because the bikes were arriving damaged or with missing parts, so I decided to buy it locally, only to run into the same issues.

After Brian and Jake returned from the store, one of Brian's friends stopped in for a visit. He lives in California and he and his girlfriend (who we had not met until today) were in for Christmas. The guys played pool for a bit and we got caught up on things.

Other than that, it was pretty much business as usual today.

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