Sunday, October 11

fall television

I'm happy to have found two new shows to watch this season, Cougar Town and Modern Family. The Cougar Town pilot was hysterical, but the quality has dropped off some since then. It's still worth watching, though. I'm hoping they can get their stuff together and churn out some more episodes like the first one. Modern Family, on the other hand, has a good chance of becoming a classic sitcom, in my humble opinion. A lot of critics are comparing it to Arrested Development. Let's hope it lasts longer than AD did. Both of these shows are on Wednesday nights on ABC.

I was already watching The New Adventures of Old Christine and occasionally Gary Unmarried on Wednesday nights on CBS, so I guess this now makes Wednesday my major tv-watching evening. Both of these shows are ok. Christine has an hysterical joke now and then. Gary is pretty much a formulaic sitcom. But, both are good to watch while ironing clothes, which seems to be my Wednesday evening task.

Thursday nights have always been THE night for television. I mean since forever. More than forever, really. I can't remember not watching NBC from 8-10 on a Thursday night (sure, I didn't watch Kath and Kim last year, but a lot of the time the TV was still tuned in). Not so anymore. It's a shame NBC can't find some better programming. I tried watching Parks and Recreation last year, but could not get into it. This year, they have introduced Community. While I would consider watching this if I didn't have anything else going on, I'm just not that into it. I find the main character annoying. So that leaves The Office and 30 Rock. The Office has lost some of its gleam, but is still compelling enough to watch. I do love 30 Rock, though, and can't wait for its return this Thursday.

Beyond that I have been keeping up with some of the shows on Showtime: Dexter, Weeds, and Californication. All are great shows, but in completely different ways. I'm thinking about checking out HBO's True Blood as well.

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