Saturday, September 19

house party

One of Brian's former co-workers had a party today to celebrate their new home. It was pretty much an all day thing, but we didn't make it there till around suppertime (it was in the Altoona area). Well-behaved dogs were also invited, so we left our 3 at home where they belong. A number of people did manage to take their dogs and they were all well-behaved. It was interesting to see that many dogs at one place. All behaving. It was a new experience for us. At any rate, the rest of the party was fun, too. There were cinnamon rolls there (I keep saying it--but I really need to place an order!) We got to eat, drink, and hear some funny stories before heading home for the evening.


Lori :-) said...

Now, I have met Alice. And she seemed perfectly well behaved. But, yeah, I'd have left our two crazies home as well. LOL

Angela said...

Alice is fine around people, but I'm not so sure how she'd be around a bunch of dogs she doesn't know. We actually did consider taking her, but thought it would probably be better if she stayed at home. In retrospect, we were probably right.