Friday, September 25


This is what greeted us when we got to work this morning. So, Brian had to take the afternoon off work in order to attempt to remove the graffiti from the bricks. No easy task. He has been scrubbing it with lacquer thinner and then power washing it. If anyone knows of a better method, let me know. He made some progress with it, but it needs more work.

Since Brian was outside all afternoon, he got to talk to a lot of the neighbors. It turns out we weren't the only ones hit--at least 3 other houses were spray painted (and one car, too) and there were other random acts of vandalism throughout the neighborhood. Hopefully we weren't the only ones to report this to the police. Since it wasn't just a single act of vandalism, maybe the police will have a better chance of finding out who did it. It doesn't sound very promising, though.

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Lori :-) said...

We're having the same problem out here, though they haven't gotten us yet, but LOTS of our neighbors. My thought is... hoping they catch the little vandals, then give them a nice LITTLE wire brush to scrub it off with, and follow it up with lots of community service painting for the people they vandalized.