Sunday, May 3

landscaping and more!

Brian and I spent a good amount of time yesterday morning and afternoon mulching the pond area and around the trees. We were hoping to get away with two truckloads, but Brian had to run and get a third one in the afternoon. We also extended the mulch to the other side of the shed, so practically the entire side yard is now under mulch, slightly furthering my goal of not having any grass in the back yard. I did a lot of weeding while we were at it, too. Today, all of my muscles are sore. Strangely, particularly the ones in my hands.

Today, I transplanted my pepper and tomato seedlings into pots. I also planted zucchini and cucumber seeds inside. Transplanting day is always the start of my dilemma--where to put everything. I only have enough room under the lights for the peppers so the tomatoes are currently sitting in the shop. I plan on getting the cold frames out of the shed tomorrow and putting the tomatoes outside during the day. Hopefully I won't kill them this year.

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