Wednesday, March 18

pond work

Since it was such an unseasonably beautiful day out there, I took this afternoon off in order to do some work on the pond. A couple of days ago I decided to redo the front portion of the pond. I ran out of rocks last year and had to compromise a little. I thought it turned out fine, but the smaller rocks I used kept falling into the pond when certain people weren't careful around it (ahem: neighborhood kids--including Jake--that would be you). Another thing we decided to do was to "bury" the pump hose in the rock wall. This took surprisingly less time than I thought it would. I probably game-planned longer than the task actually took. Lastly, we had a leak on the one side of the stream. Presumably, the ground sunk over the winter and caused the issue. I thought I had it fixed the other day, but it was still leaking so I took another stab at it today. Hopefully this will be it.

All told, I was outside for about 2 hours and the only reason I came in was that I ran out of stuff to do. That's what I call a good afternoon.

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