Saturday, February 28

sled dogs

We went to this sled dog event with the Millers today at Prince Gallitzin State Park. I froze my ass off, but all of the boys enjoyed themselves. There wasn't any snow on the ground so the dogs were harnessed to a sled-like thing that had wheels on it. After all of the kids had their turn on the "sled", we walked down to the lake where the boys played on the ice. Then at 11, there was a "how to start a fire without any matches" demonstration by a park ranger. That was pretty interesting. The boys wanted to go back to the lake, but all of the parents had other places to be this afternoon, so we all headed out after that.

I was thinking that the form of exercise we witnessed today would be perfect for Buster. Brian takes Buster running almost every day (for 2 miles!) and the dog comes home more fired up than before the run--it's more of a warm-up for him. Alternatively, I was thinking about getting roller blades, but with Buster's attitude, I'd probably end up in the hospital. So, instead, I may just order the Springer Bicycle Dog Jogger. Way back when we had our crazy little schnauzer, I used to hold her lead while riding my bike. Probably not the safest form of dog exercise, but we never ran into any issues and nothing tires a dog out like letting them sprint up and down the street. Buster is too big for me to control while holding a lead and riding a bike, so this springer thing may be just the ticket.

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