Sunday, January 11


I haven't posted in a while because nothing exciting is going on here. But, I thought I'd better check in since it's been a while.

Jake was in NY visiting his cousins this weekend. He had a great time. Brian and I did not take advantage of his absence--it was business as usual around here.

Yesterday, I upped my nerd quotient by adding a Linux server to the mix at Brian's office. I installed Linux on one of our old pcs a while ago, but didn't get around to taking it to the office till yesterday. I'll say this much--it seems to work. Now to figure out what to do with it. Brian wants to use it as a development server eventually, but my first task is to install project management software that he found online. Hopefully the installation won't be too much of a challenge, because you could say that I don't know anything about Linux (or server administration for that matter).

We watched a bunch of football this weekend. So far, I've been surprised by all of the games except for the Steelers. I'm a little nervous about the Baltimore game next week. Can the Steelers beat them for a 3rd time this season?

I'm also in the midst of my yearly recipe book update. Last year, I dragged it out for months, but this year I am on it.

I guess that is it. I better get back to it.

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