Friday, January 16

ferris bueller's day off

We did this one for family movie night tonight. It has been so long since I have seen the move that I wasn't sure if Jake would like it, but it resonated well with him. Unfortunately, I think he picked up a couple of tips that I will have to watch out for in the future.

So, this was a hit. I seem to be running out of ideas for family movie night, though. So if anyone has any ideas for me, please comment.


JC said...

I'd say Breakfast Club, but perhaps that is a bit too harsh in language for Jake. Sticking w/ the 80's theme: Adventures in Babysitting? Stand By Me?

Or a little newer: 10 things I hate about you? The Addams Family series?


Angela said...

Thanks. Those are some good suggestions. I'll gauge his interest and add some of them to our blockbuster queue.


Alienlady said...

Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home (commonly referred to as the "one with the whales") is uaually liked by Trekkie and non-Trekkies alike. Men in Black is a little newer. I remember taking my nieces and nephews to the original Ghostbusters. Apollo 13 is a very cool movie. Do you see a trend here? Maybe the Mummy movies, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and maybe the X-Men movies?

Angela said...

Thanks for your suggestions, too. I'll run them past the boss.