Saturday, January 31

3:10 to yuma

I don't normally go for westerns, but I do go for a good story and this was one. One of the film's highlights was the creepy guy played by Ben Foster. He does a good creepy guy. I did not like him at all in his role on Six Feet Under, but he wasn't all that creepy on that show (a little, but not like this). And, the funny thing is that I'm not a huge fan of Russell Crowe, but whenever I do manage catch one of his movies, I'm always amazed what a good actor he is.

The basic plot of this movie is that a rancher (Christian Bale) has custody of an outlaw (Russell Crowe) and has to escort him to the prison train to Yuma, which leaves at--you guessed it--3:10. This was one of those movies where you didn't want to miss a second. Everything was relevant. I was slightly disappointed in one aspect of the ending of the movie, but other than that, I thought it was quite good. Brian agrees.

Two thumbs up.

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