Friday, December 12

christmas party

My work Christmas party was this evening. It was at that place behind the Gingerbread Man. Well, it's not the Gingerbread Man anymore, but that's what it was when I used to go out, so that's how I know it.

The party was ok, but nothing to get excited about. The food was so-so. The drinks weren't free, so we stayed until we ran out of money, which didn't take long. Our whole table left at the same time as we did so we didn't have to feel bad about ducking out early. I can't imagine the party was going to last very long, anyway because there was no music or anything planned for the rest of the evening.

So, I guess this marks the official beginning of the Christmas season. I managed to wrap up my cards this week. We have a bunch of Christmas stuff planned for the weekend. I am very far behind this year, but at least all of my shopping is done.

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