Tuesday, November 4

oh, snap

We spent our weekend the usual way--working at the building. I'm down to all crap work now like painting in closets. I found some more things to touch up in the kitchen, but that counts as crap work, too. Brian installed most of the floor last weekend. I did my part by acting as the human clamp (I stood on the planks so they wouldn't move while he was installing). We would have gotten done had we not run out of material. We have one small strip that has to be done before the cabinet installation and the closet area as well. The small strip is probably going to end up being filled with some floor scraps we have because we need to install the cabinets next weekend. I had to order some more flooring and who knows when it will be in (it's on backorder from the manufacturer). Normally, we overestimate our materials, but since the flooring spanned three rooms, I guess we should have given ourselves a larger margin of error. I'll have to remember that for next time.

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