Monday, October 6

end of season

The weather was pretty nice yesterday so I made plans to garden in the afternoon. I picked a bag full of peppers and then removed the pepper plants from the garden. I also did some more clean up in the herb garden, but it's still not done (it really got out of hand this year). I put away some of my solar lights, too, but I left the ones around the pond for now. I'll leave them out there till I fence off the pond for the winter.

I planted some broccoli rabe in August and it's doing really well. It has not formed any buds yet, so it's not quite ready. I hope it does so before the frosts come and kill it.

I guess the next step will be to plant the garlic. I normally do that mid-October. I only received part of my initial garlic order, so I ordered some more from another source. By the time it gets here, it should be time to plant.

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