whirlwind trip

Brian sister had a baby this summer (her 3rd boy). The baptism was scheduled for this weekend, so we headed to NY after lunch on Saturday. We went to her place for a visit Saturday night and then did the baptism festivities on Sunday (church/dinner after). We left town mid-afternoon yesterday and got home last night. We made really good time coming home so we stopped in Altoona for a sit-down dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It seems like anytime we’re coming from that general direction that’s what we end up doing.

I’m off work today, partly because we have to pick up the dogs (in Stahlstown, which is 40 minutes away) and partly because I like to take the day off after we get back whenever we are away. I have a lot of catching up to do today, but that’s what the day is for, so it should be a good one.