Monday, September 1

labor day weekend

The weekend in review...

Friday was pretty laid back. Brian went to Virginia to get another tattoo (not that anyone would notice another tattoo on him at this point). He didn't get back till after 10pm so the evening was pretty much shot at that point. Jake stayed at my parent's that night because he was going to a Penn State game with my dad on Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to the office to work on the bathroom. We finished installing the floor and did most of the paneling (we ran out). I primed the existing trim, too. I'm sure we did some other things, but I can't remember what. After we got home from there, our usual Saturday routine fell into place--housework for me; work for Brian. After supper, I went outside and worked in the garden for a few hours. I was having a lot of fun out there, but it got dark so I had to stop working. Brian wanted to go to the Folk Fest that evening, but I was enjoying the yard so much I talked him into staying home and hanging out by the pond. It was nice and relaxing. It's kind of sad that that's only the 2nd time we've been able to do that.

On Sunday we went to church and then went to the Ethnic Fest in Cambria City for lunch. The place was packed. We had to wait in line for almost 30 minutes before we got our food. But, I guess it's good that many people were in attendance. Later in the afternoon, we went to Lowe's to pick up another piece of paneling and a few other supplies, and then headed to the office to do some more work. We got the paneling installed and started on the trim. We ran out of floor trim, too. I guess we should have figured that seeing that we ran out of paneling (we bought the same amount of each). I started painting the trim, too. That night we planned in going to the Folk Fest. We fired up the bikes and got as far as the light at Goucher and Franklin when Brian pulled over. He was out of gas and had to engage his reserve tank. While we were sitting there, my bike stopped running and wouldn't restart. Brian ran to get gas in his and then came back and was able to get my bike started after a few tries. It is overdue for a new spark plug, so hopefully that is the issue. Anyway, till we got home, we were no longer in the mood to go to the Folk Fest so we scrapped that idea.

Today, we went to the office to work again. The bathroom is about 99% done. I have a few odds and ends to do and we're still missing that one piece of trim. My parents offered up their help so they were there, too. My dad cleaned up all of the boxes that were in the kitchen and then started removing the cabinets. My mom cleaned the foyer. Brian finished installing the trim in the bathroom and then worked in the kitchen with my dad. And, I did some more painting in the bathroom and cleaned it. So, it was a pretty productive day. And, I'm glad to say that the kitchen remodel is officially underway. Tonight Brian has to work and I'll just be doing stuff around the house. At least it's a short work week.

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