Monday, September 1

final harvests

I've been doing some harvesting in the garden and tearing out the plants that are no longer producing (as well as doing some weeding--there are more weeds than plants in the garden at this point). I got a bunch of tomatoes the other day--I expect to get more before all is said and done; a few more cukes; a nice bag of carrots; and a couple of beets.

I think I might make some roasted tomato sauce from the harvest. I made some the other week for pasta and had just enough left over for 2 pizzas. And, those were the best pizzas I ever made. So I'm anxious to try it again.

I ordered some garlic to plant this fall, but I'm a little worried as it's on backorder. I sure hope they at least send me some of my order otherwise I will be SOL--I definitely don't have enough of my own garlic to replant.

It's kind of sad that the gardening season is coming to an end. This summer just went way too fast.

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