Saturday, August 2

what a week

I spent every waking moment working this week. Most nights were spent in the yard till dark, then doing housework until 10 or later. Today was no different. Ugh. The morning started off with some laundry then we went to the office to work. Brian did some plumbing stuff, which took him most of the day (don't ask!) and I primed the bathroom (holy yellow, batman!). After I was done there (Brian had to stay behind and plumb), Jake and I stopped at Em's and grabbed a late lunch. I did some more work and then ran some food to the office for Brian. Before you knew it, it was time to run Jake to my parent's--he's going on vacation with them tomorrow morning. I returned home, ate a quick supper, and then Brian and I went outside to do some work.

The good news is that the pond is officially done. I'll be posting the pond pictures just as soon as we finish mulching the side yard. It looks friggin' awesome!

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