Thursday, August 21

more socialization

My parents watched Jake a couple of days this week so I asked them if they wanted to stay for dinner one night. Tonight worked best for them, so we had a little cookout this evening. Nothing fancy--just burgers (and the fixin's), kielbasa, and some of my famous freezer pickles. And, an ice cream cake for dessert.

It also happened to be my mom's birthday today (happy birthday, Mom!) so that worked out well. My mom's, dad's and grandmother's birthdays all fall within a few days of each other. Normally we get together for dinner to celebrate all of them, but since my grandmother's 80th birthday was celebrated last week, we didn't get together to celebrate my mom's and dad's this year.

So, this was the second night this week we got to spend in the back yard. Amazingly, this was the first time we've eaten on the patio all summer. And August is practically over! This has been an unusual year for us, but I expect better things in 2009.

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