Saturday, August 2

garden pond: step 8 (landscaping)

A lot has been accomplished this week. As previously noted, the stream was finished earlier in the week. Later in the week (Thursday, maybe) I went to Westwood Garden Haven and picked up some fish and some plants for the landscaping. Yesterday after work, I went to Ray's Nursery and picked up a few more plants. Last night, Brian hauled some rocks and created my "rock garden" on the hillside. Today, he picked up a load of mulch and we put it around the pond and the side yard.

Unfortunately, we ran out of mulch before we finished the side yard. But, this was not unexpected. I hope to get some more mulch early in the week so we can finish that up. Once that is done, I'll post some photos of the pond.

On another note, I'm also going to mulch the dog area. I hope this works out. The yard looks like complete crap there (no pun intended). I think the mulch will look nice, but I hope they don't track too much of it in the house or go on digging frenzies every time they go outside.

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